Tempest Cleric of Thor, D&D 5th Edition

I creating this character for the campaign, Tyranny of Dragons. The last character I ran in 5th was a rogue. The 5th edition rogue is fun to play and has awesome damage output. This time around I was dead set on making a cleric.

I named him Francis Buckthorn. As a cleric of Thor he has a Chaotic Good alignment. I went back and forth on two domains, Tempest and War. In past I had played a War Priest in Pathfinder, so I went with the Tempest domain.

For a race I went variant Human. It’s hard to go wrong with 2 ability stat bumps, a skill proficiency and a feat. I took the War Caster feat. This gives advantage on Con save to maintain a spell. Which is perfect for the play style I’m going for with Francis. The plan is to, by the power of Thor, buff the party with bless. Jump into melee and bring down the hammer. So with the Tempest clerics Wrath of The Storm doing 2d8 lighting or thunder damage as a reaction to rebuke an attack. And the War Caster feat giving an advantage die to concentrate on spells, he should be good-to-go in melee combat.

We were given a set of ability rolls from the DM (Brian Guano Waszak). The rolls are pretty solid at 10, 12, 16, 16, 16, 12. Im going Strength/Wisdom build, so my ability stats look like this: Str 17 (+1 human variant), Dex 12, Con 16, Int 10 (dump stat), Wis 17 (+1 human variant), Chr 12.

For his background I went Outlander. Getting perception and survival isn’t bad. I was going to have to take perception anyway, so I get it for free. Im going to play him as a rough and tumble outlander who has a gruff demeanor. He is loyal to the people he trusts. He favors smashing skulls as an answer to any challenge. Like the seasons, change is a constant, so he embraces the chaos of his surroundings.




francis buckthorn tempest cleric of Thor>


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